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  • CD/CD-R/RW Compact Disc Player
  • LCD Display
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Programmable Tracks
  • Repeat Play
  • Song Skip/Search
  • Automatic Bass Boost System
  • Digital Volume Control
  • Line-Out Jack, 3.5mm type
  • Uses 2 x "AA" Batteries, (not included)
  • DC Jack (See Accessories for AC/DC Adapter)
  • Includes Stereo Earbuds



    For parts inquiries, email partsinfo@dpiinc.com

    I lost my Instruction Book where can I find a new one?

    Check www.gpx.com/store/pg/27-Product-Support.aspx . Go to the page that features this model and click on the Downloads tab.


    How do I turn my CD player on and off?

    Press the Play/Pause button to turn on the player and start playback. Press the Stop button once to end playback of the CD, then press the Stop button again to turn the player off.


    What does the mode button do?

    The mode button controls how you want your CD played back.  Your choices are random, repeat a track, repeat the entire CD or play the intro of each track.


    How do I program the tracks on my CD player?

    1. Slide the Open Switch to open the CD door and load a CD into the unit.
    2. After the CD is loaded, press the Prog Button.
    3. Press the Skip Up, Skip Down Buttons to adjust the track number.
    4. Press the Prog Button to set the selected track number as the first programmed track. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for all subsequent CD tracks.
    5. Press the Play/Pause Button to begin playing the programmed CD tracks.
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