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  • Programmable 3-Disc CD/CDR/CDRW player with blue backlit LCD display
  • DBBS: Dynamic bass boost system
  • AM/FM stereo radio
  • Cassette player/recorder: Records from CD or radio with built-in ALC
  • Line-in stereo headphone jacks
  • Full range stereo speakers
  • 15-Watts total output power
  • Remote control
  • To Order Parts, Call: 1-314-621-2881 (Option #2)
  • Center Section Dimensions:� 10.5"L x 13.2"W. x 10.8"H
  • Speaker Dimensions: 6.6"L x 7.9"W x 10.6"H
  • Q1. I lost my Instruction Book where can I find a new one?

    A1. Check www.gpx.com/store/pg/27-Product-Support.aspx . Go to the page that features this model and click on the Downloads tab.


    Q1. I have the unit playing but I do not hear any sound. What do I do?

    A1. Make sure that the speaker wires are connected properly by checking that only the silver tip, not the outer jacket, is inserted into the connector on the back of the unit.


    Q2. Can I use the tape player to record music from other functions?

    A2. Yes, first make sure that the unit is set to the desired function (where you hear the music you want to record). With a tape inserted press the PLAY and REC. buttons at the same time.  Press STOP to stop recording.


    Q4.  Why is the track number on the display of my GPX player blinking two dashes (--) instead of playing a CD?

    A4. First, make sure the CD label side is facing toward you.  The CD may also be scratched or dirty. Use a CD repair kit available at your local electronics supplier or use a soft linen cloth or a store-purchased cloth meant for disc cleaning. Another possibility for this error may be that your GPX player cannot recognize the type of files on your recordable CD. Make sure that the files on your CD-R are in the .wav (uncompressed) format rather than the MP3 or .wma (compressed) format.


    Q5. How do I program tracks from my CD player?


    1. Press the Program button, the Program indicator and track number will begin to blink.
    2. Use either Skip or Search buttons to select the desired track.
    3. Press the Program button to place the desired track into memory.
    4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each additional tracks.
    5. When finished added all desired tracks press Play/Pause to start playing the programmed tracks.


    Q6. How do I receive better reception from my AM/FM tuner?

    A6. The black wire on the back of your system is your FM antenna. Make sure your FM antenna is firmly in place.  Unwind the antenna and while in the Radio mode, adjust the position of your antenna to provide optimal reception. This may take some trial and error by moving it back and forth to find which position provides better reception.


    Owners Manual Multi-Lingual

    Sell Sheet

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