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  • Slim drawer-load programmable CD/CDR/CDRW player
  • AM/FM radio with digital display readout and FM wire antenna
  • Adjustable kitchen timer
  • Dual front-firing speakers
  • Battery back-up remembers time during power outage (uses 3-"AAA" batteries, not included)
  • Slim CD function remote control, battery included
  • Slim CD function remote control, battery included
  • REM-KC218S

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    Blain's Farm and Fleet

    "Why can I not set radio stations into the memory of my GPX player?"

    The radio will not be able to store station presets because it is controlled by an analog tuner with a digital readout. For this reason, the remote will not be able to control your radio. The tuning knob must be turned manually to change radio stations.

    "How do you set the time on the clock?"
    1. Check to see that the power is in the OFF mode.
    2. Press and hold the PROG/CLK SET button until a blinking CLOCK SET reveals itself.
    3. Press the SKIP/SEARCH NEXT button until the correct hour appears on your LCD display. Note the difference between AM and PM.
    4. Press the SKIP/SEARCH PREVIOUS button until the correct minute appears on your LCD display.
    "What does the PROG button control?"

    If you press the PROG button when CD playback is stopped, you can control the order in which the tracks on your CD play. This is the PROGRAM feature.

    To use this feature,

    1. Press the PROG button to choose which track number you would like to play first.
    2. Use the NEXT and PREVIOUS buttons to select which track you would like to play in the first spot.
    3. Press the PROG button to store this into memory, and you will be prompted to choose which track number you would like to play second. You can make up to 20 selections.
    4. When you have finished setting the order in which your CD will play, press the PLAY button while these numbered selections are still on your display.
    5. This will begin the playback of these selections.
    6. Press the STOP button once to stop the songs being played in this order.
    7. Press the STOP button twice to end the PROGRAM playback mode.
    "Why can I not control my mp3 player using my remote?"
    • Your remote will not be able to control your mp3 player. The auxiliary port (AUX IN) is only meant to distribute sound to two speakers as if it were transferring an audio signal to your headphones.
    • To connect it to your GPX system, you will need to insert an Auxiliary Line-In cable (3.5 mm jack to composite stereo cable) from the headphone jack of your mp3 player (or other external device with a headphone jack also known as a 3.5 mm jack) to the AUX IN port on the left side of your system.
    "How do I use the TIMER function?"

    The TIMER function is used to set a time that you would like to have your GPX system sound an alarm after a certain amount of time (from as much as 180 minutes to as little as 10 minutes in 10 minute increments).

    To use this function,

    1. Press the TIMER button until the desired amount of time appears. After a couple seconds, it will begin to countdown from this user-defined time.
    2. To deactivate the timer buzzer, press the POWER button.
    3. To deactivate the TIMER function altogether, press the TIMER button until two dashes appear on your display, and simply let go.
    "Will my music system play MP3s written onto recordable CDs?"

    This music system is not capable of playing CDs that have music encoded in MP3 or WMA.

    KC220S KC220S


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