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  • Ultra slim under-cabinet music system with 10" LCD TV
  • Digital tune dual TV tuners - HDTV off air tuner and 181-channel cable-ready tuner
  • AM/FM stereo radio with station presets
  • Digital clock with timer and alarm that sounds to alarm or radio
  • LCD screen swivels for variable viewing angles
  • Auxilliary audio/video input jacks - connect cable boxes, iPod or MP3 player
  • Dual front-firing speakers built-in
  • FM wire antenna
  • Battery back-up against power failure remembers time (uses 2-"AAA" size batteries not included)
  • Full-function, thin, soft-touch remote control, battery included
  • Under-counter mounting template, screws and spacers included
  • For parts inquiries, email partsinfo@dpiinc.com
  • Item Dimensions: 12.75"L x 13.75"W x 10.75"H (as pictured)
  • "How do you set the clock?"
    1. Check to see that the POWER button is in the OFF mode.
    2. Press and hold the MEM / CLK ADJ button until a blinking display that reads, ""12 Hr,"" reveals itself. This is an option of whether or not you would like your clock to display the standard 12 hour clock or the 24 hour clock commonly used by the military. For example, 1:30 p.m. would read 13:30 and 8:45 p.m. would read 20:45. This is convenient because the designation ""p.m."" and ""a.m."" is unnecessary.
    3. Choose which mode you would prefer by pressing the TUN/CLK DOWN and TUN/CLK UP buttons.
    4. Once you have selected your hour mode of choice press the MEM / CLK ADJ button to select this mode.
    5. You will then need to set the hours place. Scroll up or down using the TUN/CLK DOWN and TUN/CLK UP buttons.
    6. Press the MEM / CLK ADJ to select the hours place. Then, repeat this step for the minutes place.
    "How do I set radio stations into the memory of my GPX player?"
    1. Press the RADIO button to make certain the GPX system is in radio mode.
    2. Use the TUN/CLK DOWN and TUN/CLK UP buttons to scroll through the radio stations of your choice.
    3. For one that you would want to store in the memory of the system, press the MEM / CLOCK ADJ button. A flashing number will appear on the display which will set the order of your preset stations.
    4. Use the tuning buttons to determine which station will be represented by each number.
    5. Once you have selected a number for your radio station, press the MEM / CLOCK ADJ button again to save it to memory.
    "What is the difference between the ATV and DTV television modes?"

    On your GPX remote there is a TV MODE button. This button switches back and forth between ATV and DTV mode. ATV stands for Analog Television. This mode will air an NTSC broadcast. The NTSC has been the standard for color television for over forty years. This system will be replaced completely by the ATSC broadcast system on February 17th, 2009. To view these channels, you will need to switch to the DTV (Digital Television) mode.

    "Why am I only receiving a certain number of channels that have poor picture quality?"

    You may have scanned your channels using a video input selection that does not correspond correctly to your input source.

    If you have cable television, you should do the following:
    1. Press the TV MODE button until you are in ATV mode.
    2. Press the AIR/CATV button until you are in CABLE-STD mode.
    3. Press the TV SCAN button to re-scan your channels in this ATV CABLE-STD mode.

    If you are using an antenna, you should do the following:
    1. Press the TV MODE button until you are in ATV mode.
    2. Press the AIR/CATV button until you are in AIR mode.
    3. Press the TV SCAN button to re-scan your channels in this ATV AIR mode.

    If you are using a digital receiver with a satellite dish or a Digital Cable subscription with or without HD consider the following:
    To receive all channels digitally you will need to use your Digital Cable box. It will work the same way as having a satellite receiver. Programming will be shown on either channel 3 or 4 of your television, and you can control your programming using the on-screen guide your digital receiver provides.

    If you connect your Cable directly to the TV without using a cable box, you will be able to scan only basic analog channels into your under-cabinet TV.

    If you receive your television programming by way of a satellite dish, consult your dish provider about the capabilities of your satellite receiver.

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