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  • Digital Photo Frame displays photos
    • JPEG Picture File Format
  • Color Display
    • 7" TFT Color Display
    • Resolution: 480 x 234
    • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Display Features
    • Full-Screen Portrait or Landscape
    • Auto-Slide Show
    • Portrait or Landscape View Positions
    • Picture Rotate
    • Browse & Slide Show Features with Adjustable Display Time
    • Adjustable Slide Show Delay Interval: 3, 5, 10, 30-seconds
    • Zoom In or Out
    • 4- Pre-Loaded Pictures
  • Digital Clock
    • Alarm & Snooze Features
    • Calendar
  • External Memory Ports
    • Built-In Memory Card Expansion Slot - SD/MMC/MS/xD Card Compatible
    • USB Host for connecting External USB Thumb Drives
  • Built-In Speakers
  • Power
    • AC-Powered, AC/DC Adaptor
  • Remote
    • Uses CR2025 Battery, included
  • Includes
    • Removable Black Frame
    • Remote Control, Remote Battery included
    • AC/DC Adaptor, UL/CUL Listed
To Order Parts, Call: 1-314-621-2881 (Option #2)
  • Item Demensions: 8.8"L x 1.5"W x 6.1"H
  • "How do I return my display to the English language?"
    • It may be possible to inadvertently change the language setting. Within the main menu, select the Setup menu which resembles a cog. Within this Setup menu, the first sub-menu you can enter is the Language Set menu which is marked with an icon that resembles a book and has abc written across it.
    • It is possible to enter this menu, and set the display language to Chinese by pressing the right directional key twice. This happens because the right key is also used as a select button. You can change this back to the English language by selecting Setup (the cog icon) from the main menu, and then select Language Set (the abc icon). A box will appear around the top-most language selection which is Chinese. The English language is the second from the top so move the cursor down once and press ENTER or the right directional key. The order is Chinese, English, Dutch , French, and Spanish.
    "How do I control the order in which my photos, music, and videos play?"

    There is a REP button on your remote capable of changing the playback of your music to Standard, Dir Repeat, or Repeat One.

    • The Standard mode will play all of your music files once, and then stop playback after the last song on the playlist has played.
    • The Dir Repeat mode will play every song on the selected storage device, and then start playing from the beginning after the last song on the playlist has played.
    • The Repeat One mode will play the same song you originally selected until you change the playback setting, press STOP, or power the device OFF.

    NOTE: This REP button does not control the order of how photos or videos are played. This is only a function of the Music mode.

    "How do I control what originally appears on my frame when I power the device ON?"
    • Within the main menu, select the Setup menu. The fifth setting down from the top is the Initial Power ON selection. This resembles two light switches. This is the menu that provides control over what you would want to play when the device is powered ON. The choices are Mode Select, Calendar, Picture, MusicMovie, and Edit.
    • The Mode Select takes you to the main menu at startup.
    • The Edit selection allows you to edit the list of items stored on your memory card or thumb drive. Press the right directional key for any photos you may want to delete. Press the MENU button, and a series of three icons will appear on your screen. Select the icon that resembles a trash can to delete the selected photos.
    "How do I play video files on my digital photo frame?"

    This picture frame will play MPEG level 4 video files in .avi format. There are avi converters available elsewhere in case encoding video directly in this format is inconvenient. Also, for smooth playback, we recommend keeping the video data rate at around 300 kbps. Video files encoded at around 900 kbps and above can be too much for the picture frame to process. Make sure you have a video codec that can play this type of file (Divx or Xvid for example).

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