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  • Table-top or wall-mountable
  • AM/FM CD home music system with blue backlit LCD display
  • Vertical-load disc player plays CD/CD-R/W audio tracks
  • AM/FM radio with digital readout
  • Digital clock with sleep timer function
  • Digital volume control
  • Full-range stereo speakers with RCA connectors
  • Stereo line-in jack for other audio player, 3.5mm type
  • Remote control; uses CR2025 button cell battery, battery included
  • Removable stands for wall mounting



For parts inquiries, email partsinfo@dpiinc.com
Why will the remote not control my radio?

The remote will not control your radio because it is controlled by an analog tuner with a digital readout. For this reason, the radio will not be able to store station presets.

Will my music system play MP3s written onto recordable CDs?

This music system is not capable of playing CDs that have music encoded in MP3 or WMA.

How do I set the clock on the front of my music system?
  1. Press the CLK SET button on either your remote or the front of the device. The clock will begin blinking on and off in the hours place.
  2. Use the SKIP/SEARCH buttons to select the correct hour. Note that only PM is marked.
  3. To set a time in AM, you will scroll down to an hour without the PM designation.
  4. Then, press the CLK SET button to commit the hours place to memory. The minutes place will begin to flash.
  5. Use the SKIP/SEARCH buttons to select the correct minute.
  6. Press the CLK SET button to commit this to memory.
What does the PROG/MODE button control?
  • If you press the PROG/MODE button when CD playback is stopped, you can control the order in which the tracks on your CD play. This is the PROGRAM feature. Press the PROG button to choose which track number you would like to play first. Press the PROG button to store this into memory, and you will be prompted to choose which track number you would like to play second. You can make up to 20 selections. When you have finished setting the order in which your CD will play, press the PLAY button while these numbered selections are still on your display. This will begin the playback of these selections.
  • If you press the PROG/MODE button during CD playback, you will cycle through REPEAT ONE, REPEAT ALL, RANDOM, and INTRO. REPEAT ONE, represented by a flashing REP on your LCD screen, will keep playing the same song over and over again. REPEAT ALL will restart playback of the CD once it has reached its end. RANDOM will play your music in a random order. INTRO will play the first 10 seconds of each song.
Why can I not adjust the volume on the front of my unit?

The volume control is located directly below the LCD screen. The knob on the left-hand side controls the AM/FM tuner.

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