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  • Top-Load DVD / CD Player
    • Plays DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW & JPEG Discs
    • Plays CD/CD-R/RW Audio Tracks
    • Chapter / Title Search & Select
    • Supports Multiple Languages and Language SubTitles
    • Zoom Feature
    • Multi-Language OSD: On-Screen Display in English, French and Spanish
    • NTSC
    • TV Display Aspect Ratio Conversion: 4:3 / 16:9
    • Screen Saver Function
    • Standby Power
  • Audio/Video Jacks
    • A/V Output Jack, 3.5mm type
    • Digital Coaxial Output
  • Remote Control
    • Uses 2-'AAA' Batteries, not included
  • Power
    • Dual Voltage: 220/50Hz & 110V/60Hz
    • Attached AC Line Cord
    • UL/CUL Listed
  • Includes
    • Remote Control
    • A/V Cable, 3.5mm to 3 x RCA (Yellow,Red/White)



    For parts inquiries, email partsinfo@dpiinc.com
    What if I hooked up the composite cable (the red, white, and yellow cable) between my GPX player and my television, but I still cannot receive audio and video?

    Check to see if your television is set to the correct input channel. Some televisions may need to be turned to a specific, numbered channel, while others may require you to press an INPUT SELECT or a TV/AV or a TV/VIDEO button. If the problem persists, check to see if the cables are pressed firmly into their ports. Make sure the color and labeling of one output port matches the color and labeling of the corresponding input port. One side of the cable should be inserted into the mini output jack of the DVD player with the other side inserted into the input jack of the television.

    What should I do if my television does not have the inputs that my GPX player requires?

    If you have an older television, it is possible the only input the television will receive is a coaxial input meant to be connected to either an antenna or a cable television provider. In this case, you will need to purchase an RF modulator from an electronics dealer. This will allow you to convert your coaxial input into a composite input (the red, white, and yellow cable), which will provide a connection between your television and GPX player.

    Why can I not see the complete screen when I am watching a DVD?

    Check to see that you have the correct aspect ratio setting. You can change this setting in the SETUP menu, which is located in the center of your remote on the left-hand side. In this menu, scroll to the General tab. Under the options for "TV Shape," you have three choices of aspect ratio.
    • One option is the Normal/LB which stands for "Letter Box," and it is best for a standard square tube television. It allows you to see the complete frame of a widescreen movie on a non-widescreen television.
    • The next option is the Normal/PS, which stands for "Pan Scan." This will make the image fit a square tube television, but there may be portions of the picture on the left and right side not included in the image of this option.
    • The last option is Wide 16:9. This option should only be used if you have a widescreen television to connect to your GPX player.  Also, check to see if your ZOOM setting is set to OFF. This can be done by pressing SLOW/ZOOM on your remote control until your picture returns to its normal operation.
    How do I disable what looks like a Motion Picture Camera with a 1/3 underneath it?

    This is called the Angle Mark. To disable the Angle Mark, press the SETUP button on your GPX remote. Under the General tab, scroll down to Angle Mark and press ENTER. Select Off, press ENTER, and press the SETUP to exit the setup menu.

    How can I remove the writing from my screen?

    This is called the On-Screen Display. Using the remote for your DVD player, press the OSD button until your screen reads Display Off.

    How do I use the SLOW/ZOOM button?

    Press and hold the Slow Button to view a DVD movie in slow motion. Press the Zoom Button to zoom in and out during a DVD movie.

    If I have burned a CD or DVD with various types of files (WMAs, MP3s, JPEGs, etc.), how do I view these files?
    • When you enter in a data CD, a display on your television automatically provides a browser to look through which JPEG files you would like to view. Select a file from the disc and press the PLAY/PAUSE button. This will start a slide show of pictures in numerical/alphabetical order. You may use the NEXT and PREVIOUS track buttons to skip a photo or to go back to a photo.
    • There may be a limitation to the number of JPEG files that can be played. This DVD player will read and play the first 500 JPEGs on the CD, but you may run into difficulty playing photos past 500 JPEGS. Also, The ability to play music in .mp3 or .wma format is not included as a feature in this product.
    Why does my DVD skip?

    Check to see that there are no scratches on your DVD that would cause lower performance. Also, over time any DVD player may need to be cleaned. Due to the sensitivity of such a project, consult your local electronics provider for an appropriate system to clean your DVD player.

    In the AUDIO tab within the SETUP menu, what is the difference between Lt/Rt and Stereo?

    By selecting Downmix within the AUDIO tab, you are given a choice between Lt/Rt and Stereo. Lt/Rt stands for Left total and Right total, and represents a two-channel audio signal.  The Lt/Rt configuration is different from Stereo in that it contains information encoded using Dolby Surround. Stereo simply has the same audio information sent to two speakers.
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