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Portable CD+G karaoke party machine
Plays CD+G, CD, CD-R/RW discs
Active LED lighting
Programmable memory
Rotary volume, mic volume, echo and AVC controls
2 microphone jacks, 6.3mm
Video out jack, RCA type
A/V output jacks, RCA type
Headphone jack, 3.5mm
AC power input:  requires AC power cable (included)
DC battery power: requires 8-"C" size batteries (not included)
  • AC power cable
  • RCA audio/video cable
  • 1 microphone





For parts inquiries, email partsinfo@dpiinc.com

How do I view the lyrics on my TV?

Using the Audio/Video RCA cable provided plug one end of the RCA cable into the Video Output and Audio Output on the Karaoke unit. Plug the other end of the RCA cable into a video and audio input on the television and set the television to the appropriate video input.  


Will this device be able to play DVDs?

This karaoke machine can only play CDs and CD+Gs. Though you are able to output video from a karaoke CD (CD+G) the format of this type of disc is different from that of a DVD.

The AVC knob does not work?

AVC works while singing into the microphone. It will allow you to better match the singing volume from the MIC to that of the recording.

I am listening to music but I can’t hear my voice. What do I do?

Make sure that your MIC volume knobs are set to a comfortable level. Also make sure that your MIC power switch, located on the MIC itself, is turned ON.


Can I turn the lights off?

Yes, the lights can be turned off with the switch located on the top right-hand side.


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