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MP3/WMA digital audio player with 2GB* installed flash memory
Virtual hard drive - USB mass storage
Playback features:  play/pause/skip forward/ reverse
Play modes:  normal, repeat 1/repeat all
Preset EQ
ON-HOLD-OFF switch
White lit character LCD display
Digital volume control
ID3 tag compatible
Stereo headphone jack
Battery power: requires 1-AAA size battery (not included)
Battery life up to 8 hours of audio
Includes:  USB cable, one set of stereo earbuds

* The amount of memory your OS reports may vary from the stated memory of this device.



For parts inquiries, email partsinfo@dpiinc.com

“How do I transfer my music to my device?”

This device is capable of playing MP3 and WMA (without DRM) files ONLY.  To load files requires a computer with a USB connection and the minimum requirements of Windows XP

    • Connect the MP3 player to the USB cable provided in packaging, and then connect the other end to your computers USB port.
    • Once connection has been made between the player and your computer, a "GPX" drive will appear in the computer directory.
    • Double click on the GPX drive
    • Drag and drop your MP3 files and folders into the Music or playlist folders

“Why won’t my music files play?”

This device will only support the following types of audio files: MP3, WMA, and WAV.  If your MP3 player will not play the selected music file or reads “unknown format” please check the music file for music rights or DRM.  DRM (Digital Right Management) is commonly used on WMA files downloaded from music services or audio CD’s to secure and copy protect content. If the file does contain any form of DRM it will be unplayable with this device. To check your files for DRM:

  • Select file and right click
  • Scroll down to properties
  • Click Media Usage Rights tab

If this file any information other than “this file is not protected” listed, it has some form of DRM and will not play.



"Can I use music files from iTunes?"

No, iTunes file types are not supported by this devices. 

"My player stops or freezes when selecting a track"

This occurs when the incorrect file type is loaded into the player, please make sure a MPEG-4 or other file type has not been installed

"How do I reformat the player to fix any file issues?"

  1. Important: Remove the AAA battery before any cables are connected
  2. Connect the player to your computer with the provided USB cable
  3. Locate the player on your computer's available drives or removable storage drives
  4. Right select the player and choose "FORMAT"
  5. A quick format or fat32 file system
  6. Click start
Once the player has been reformatted the memory will be completely erased and back to factory default. A fresh install can then be performed
MW240P MW240P


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